Why Visit Pea Poddery?

  • 1 Create memories with friends and family! - Plus, your unique pieces are something to cherish forever! No child is too young to paint! Your food-safe pieces will be finished in about a week.
  • 2 Classes and Events - Attend one of our regular classes or events! Many of these are instructor-led, so no prior experience necessary.
  • 3 Tips and Inspiration - We know that some painters need a little inspiration, so we created a Tips & Techniques book, as well as providing how-to videos.
  • 4 ​Parties, Fundraisers and More - You can also book a party for any occasion – including birthdays, bachelorette, team building, and much more! You can even rent out the entire venue for special occasions! Just contact us for more details.
  • 5 No Sales Tax - Because of the artistic nature of our business, and the great artists we have as customers, Pea Poddery has been granted an Artistic Exemption by the Rhode Island Division of Taxation. This means you don't pay any sales tax!

The PEA PODDERY Difference

Pea Poddery was created with fun in mind - for children and adults of any age.

No appointment needed - just walk in and a Pea Person will get you started. You can paint 7 days a week. Glassware goes home the same day. You can also choose to paint your ceramic piece with acrylic paints instead of glaze (not food-or shiny) and it can go home the same day.

Create memories with family and friends around pottery, paint, and some brushes - and your piece is something to cherish forever! Whether you're doing a handprint of your newborn or painting with your grandparents, Pea Poddery can help!  

Did we mention we also host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, family gatherings, work team building sessions?  We can even help you with your next fundraiser.  Just contact us to discuss in more detail.  

We also offer special classes and events each month and yearly Summer Camps.

Why Paint With Us?

We've designed the studio with customers in mind. We offer:

  • Hundreds of items to choose from - for children and adults of all ages.
  • Prices start at just $3- with most between $20 and $35
  • We welcome all ages to paint with us!
  • We have reference guides and tools to help you complete your "master pea-ce"
  • Our studio is a hands-on experience!
  • No time limit to paint! We want you to have all the time you need to do it right!
  • We have aprons, and clean up after you too!
  • Glassware goes home the same day!
  • When finished, items are food-safe (mugs and plates are awesome gifts!)
  • Parties, Parties, Parties! Any occasion! Our Party room seats 7-14, but you can book in our main area also.