(Parties and other events are included!)

Our STAFF is Talented in Many Areas:

We take pride in our staff and have carefully selected people who offer a variety of talents to meet customer needs:

  • 1 Expertise in Art / Design - many staff members have taken classes (or majored in) Art or Design from various institutions.
  • 2 Customer Service - many staff members also have years of experience in customer service / retail business, and understand that Customer needs are important.
  • 3 Elementary Education / Prior work with Children - several staff members have majored in educational degrees and/or taught in the elementary school systems, which gives them the extra special approach with the young ones.
  • 4 ​Business Management - Owners Rob and Kristen both have business experience. Rob graduated with his B.S. in Business Management, and Kristen owns another business, also holding a B.F.A. in art education. Our biggest goal is to make sure every painter who comes in the door has a great time!

The PEA PODDERY Difference

Pea Poddery was created with fun in mind - for children and adults of any ages.

Featuring "Walk-In" Pottery Painting (no appointment necessary), you can paint anytime and have your food-safe items finished in about a week. GLASSWARE goes home the same day. Create memories with family and friends around pottery, paint, and some brushes - and your product is something to cherish forever! No child is too young to paint!

We also offer parties for any occasion, and the entire venue can also be rented out for special occasions! We hope to see you soon!

Because of the artistic nature of our business, and the great artists we have as customers, Pea Poddery has been granted an Artistic Exemption by the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.  This means you don't pay any sales tax!

Why Paint With Us?

We've designed the studio with customers in mind. We offer:

  • Hundreds of items to choose from - for children and adults of all ages.
  • Prices range from $5 to $75 - with most between $17 and $30
  • We welcome kids of all ages to paint with us!
  • At our studio you are free to choose and pour your own paint!
  • Our studio is a hands-on experience!
  • No time limit to paint! We want you to have all the time you need to do it right!
  • We have aprons, and clean up after you too!
  • Glassware goes home the same day!
  • When finished, items are food-safe (mugs and plates are awesome gifts!)
  • Parties, Parties, Parties! Any occasion! Our Party room seats 8-14, but you can book in our main area also.